Spring Grooming Tips

Spring Grooming Tips

August 18, 2023

In winter our pups grow heavier coats to keep them warm when it’s cool. When Spring comes along, you will likely notice more hair around the house as your pup starts to lose their winter coat.

If you aren’t on a regular brushing and grooming routine, it’s a good time to start in spring as it’s the time when your dog will shed the most.

REGULAR BRUSHING is a big one and regardless of your pup’s coat type, regular brushing is important. Even the low maintenance, short haired breeds (Boxers, Bull Terriers, Dalmations, Pugs, Dobermans, Great Danes, Terriers etc) will also benefit from a weekly brush to help remove any loose fur and dander.

We recommend Pet+ Me Silicon Brushes. They are cheap and designed to remove all shedded hair and dander gently. Double coated dogs (Malamutes, German Shepherds) will need daily brushing (or sometimes more) in Spring to remove all the loose hair that has grown during winter.

Long haired pups, or high maintenance breeds (poodles, oodles, Shih Tzus etc) will need brushing at least every couple of days no matter the season to keep the knots under control.

BATH TIME helps get rid of any dirt, pollen or loose hair from your pup’s coat. You should only use products designed for dogs (human shampoos are bad for their coat). The washing routine will vary greatly depending on the breed and and how active your pup is but a good rule of thumb is that it should be at least every two weeks or whenever they are smelly or dirty.

If your dog is matted or knotty, bathing can sometimes worsen the knots, so it’s a good idea groom your pup beforehand to remove any matts.

GROOMING is important for some breeds of dogs as matts can be very painful. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s time to bring out the clippers or book in with your local groomer before the weather really heats up.

SPRING CLEAN BEDDING – It’s a good idea to go with their fresh new look and to remove any hair, dirt or dander that has built up over winter

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