Preparing Your Pup For Autumn

Preparing Your Pup For Autumn

April 8, 2024

Keep Up Flea and Tick Treatments

Even though we are past the peak time for fleas and ticks, they can still spread in Autumn as well, so it’s important to keep up the treatments. Fleas and ticks can live in the fallen leaves, waiting for your pup to walk over them.

Groom Time

Your pups fur continues to grow, regardless of the season but the fur tends to be more course and dry so additional grooming might be required. Regular grooming will keep your pup in the habit of grooming appointments once the weather heats back up again.


Our dogs love exercise and it’s important as the weather gets cooler to continue with your routine to keep your pup fit and healthy.


As the weather starts to cool, senior pups may struggle with joint and muscle pain. There are many commercially available products to help maintain bone health and reducing symptoms of arthritis. If you aren’t sure, it’s a good time to see your vet and obtain advice. 


There are so many styles of clothing for pups to wear as the weather cools and it’s time to get your pooch a new look! Don’t forget to maintain brushing regularly when your pup is wearing clothing though as it can rub the fur and cause mats.


Autumn is a great time to relax with your pets and get all cozy with a movie on the lounge and enjoy the change of seasons

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