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Get Your Dog Washed or Groomed Without Leaving Your House At A Time That fits Your Schedule!

Are you struggling to find time to take your dog to the groomers? Would you prefer not to have your dog in your car before they are cleaned and deshed of excess fur? We can make your dog couch worthy again!

Our trailers are specially designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Our trailers are fully equipped with temperature controlled water and instant gas heating for the cooler months of the year. Our warm, high velocity dryers remove the moisture quickly and help to also remove loose hair from the undercoat. 

We service Auckland,  Tauranga, Hamilton, Taihape and Christchurch

Call Jim’s Dog Wash on 0800 454 654 and we’ll come to you!

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Full Groom

Is your dog suffering in the scorching heat? Is matting or excessive shedding an issue?  Whatever it is, you need a groom that is tailored to suit your requirements, and we do just that.


If matting is the problem, they may need a shave to allow the coat to regrow in a better condition, cool them down (as this is a common cause of overheating) and start over. Your dog will need a Full Groom and Additional Dematting Treatment

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Trimming / Coat Styling

If your dog is feeling the heat we can trim, deshed or clipper their coat to make them more comfortable. (This is included in a Full Groom)

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We can tailor your groom to remove their excess fur through a process called deshedding. We can include Deshedding as part of a Full Groom.

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