Help! My Dog Is Eating Poop!

Help! My Dog Is Eating Poop!

June 12, 2020

One of the grossest things our pup can do is when they eat their own poop but have you ever wondered why do it and if you should be concerned?

Mother dogs lick their puppies to encourage them to empty their bowels on command and then eat the poop. This is a natural instinct to keep the den clean and protect her puppies from predators who might be drawn to the scent. This is normal behaviour and can continue on until the puppies are weaned.

Puppies can pick up this behaviour from their mothers and this behaviour can be discouraged by cleaning up any poop before the puppy has a change to eat it.

You Are What You Eat:

If a dog’s diet is low in digestible nutrients, the food may taste the same way it went back in. A higher quality food can solve this. Jim’s Dog Wash stocks a great selection of quality pet foods on the Jim’s Dog Wash Store here

Poor Digestion:

Poor digestion can be another cause of your pooch eating their own poop. If their system is not digesting the food appropriately, their poo tastes pretty much the same as the food they just ate. If you have tried switching foods and your dog still continues eating their own poop, it might be time for a check up at the Vets.


There is a theory that dogs eat their poop because of a deficiency in Vitamin B. These can be found naturally in whole grains, beans, green vegetables, nuts and diary products. Check out our store and see out selection of multivitamin chews that could assist with your pups dietary needs here.


Dog’s are curious, which may lead them to smell, taste and even eat their own or other dog’s poop. If your pooch is left alone for long periods, try leaving out a toy or a chew toy to distract them

Attention Seeking:

Dogs eat their own poop sometimes to get a reaction, which they inevitably will. Try not to react

Enough Food:

Worms and other intestinal parasites can leach your dog’s system of nutrients and cause them to try to supplement their diets with anything that looks or smells edible.

Hiding The Evidence:

Sometimes your pooch will try to avoid punishment for accidents, particularly if you respond angrily.

Just Because…

Sometimes there is no explanation at all and it’s a learned behaviour. The only way to stop it is to be diligent about cleaning up and distract your pooch.

Eating the poop is not harmful in any way, unless it’s contaminated with parasites from another animal.

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