Dreaded Matts and How To Avoid Them!

Dreaded Matts and How To Avoid Them!

April 5, 2020

Not only are matts dirty and messy, they can also cause skin irritation, hot spots and infection caused by dirt, moisture and bacteria being trapped inside the matts. Matts can also be very painful (imagine wearing a too tight ponytail all day). Tight matting causes the skin to pull and may lead to your pooch licking itself to relive the pain, making the matting worse and causing more issues.

Mats begin at the base of your dog’s coat, not at the top so the coat may feel tangle free and generally it is not visible by just looking. The fur starts to matt from underneath as it moults from your dog’s body. The best way to tell if your dog is matted is to glide a comb or brush from the skin to the outer coat. If it glides easily then there is no matting. If the comb or brush gets stuck and you can’t get it through then you know that the coat is starting to form matts.

Sometimes fleas can be the cause of matts. If your dog licks the area where it’s been bitten the fur can tangle and become matted. If left unchecked, the matting may worsen. You can check out our range of flea and tick treatments in our Jim’s Pet Store here.

You should NEVER try to cut mats out. They are often tighter than you realise and can potentially have skin caught up in them. You can easily cut the skin, causing more damage.

Non shedding dogs, like Poodles, Bichon Frise etc need help by regular brushing at least twice weekly with a good slicker brush to remove all the loose hair along with regular visits to a groomer. If you are unsure of the appropriate brush, have a look at Jim’s Pet Store page grooming brushes

See below our tips on how to avoid mats;

Most importantly, you should help your dog to enjoy the grooming process so they’ll stand long enough to be brushed thoroughly. Start brushing your pup when it’s young, even if brushing isn’t needed. Ensure that you provide lots of praise and treats so that the grooming process is associated with happy things.

You should always remove all of the matts or tangled hair before bathing. The water will only make the matting worse. Conditioner won’t untangle the mats on its own. You need to rub it into the mat and the brush or comb out completely before bathing. Always use a good conditioner. Dematting can cause major breakage, even if done correctly

Pay close attention to areas that mat easily, behind the ears and legs and where the collar or halter rubs. To keep mats from forming. A detangler cream or spray helps prevent fur from getting clumped up and can be used before swimming, this will make brushing easier later.

If there is severe matting, understand that your groomer may have no option but to shave off completely. Dematting is very painful and if your dog isn’t used to the grooming process, it can also be very stressful.

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