Keeping Your Pooch Safe At Christmas

Keeping Your Pooch Safe At Christmas

December 17, 2018

Christmas is nearly here and that means lots of celebrating with friends and family, but a lot of the fun things that we associate with Christmas can be dangerous or harmful for our pets


Poinsetta, Mistletoe and Holly are all toxic to dogs. Be sure that they are placed higher up with they are inaccessible for your pets to reach.

Christmas Food

We love our Christmas pudding, chocolates and roast meat that come with Christmas, but some of these ingredients can be toxic to our pets. Be sure to never leave plates unattended and monitor what your dog is eating.


With all of the festivities, some dogs do get anxious with the high-pitched noises of children playing. Make sure all children know how to behave around your dog to keep every one safe. Sometimes your pooch may need some down time away from the festivities, so keep an eye out for the warning signs that your dog may have had enough.

Christmas Trees

Trees look like a ball of fun to our pooches, but with electrical wiring and the risk of the tree falling and injuring them, make sure your pooch is always supervised if they have a tendency to want to play with your tree.


As much as we all love spoiling our dogs with little treats, be aware that a little can quickly become too much when everyone gives your dog a treat. Ask your guests not to feed your dog.


Fire works and parties are very prevalent throughout Christmas and it can all become a little too much. Look out for the warning signs and keep your pooch in a quiet, safe retreat where they can rest without being disturbed.

Most importantly, enjoy this time of year with your pooch and relax! Have a very safe and merry Christmas from all of us at the Jim’s Dog Wash Family.

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