Getting Your Dog Ready For Spring

Getting Your Dog Ready For Spring

August 13, 2018

Spring is almost here and the weather is starting to warm up, so it’s time to get your dog prepared for the season to ensure that you both get the most of summer.

As the weather heats up the parasites that can attack your dog also come out. Now is the time to start looking at prevention for fleas, ticks and heartworms. Flea bites itch and can lead to scratching, licking and biting at the skin. In addition to skin irritation, fleas can cause hair loss and tapeworms. Dogs with particularly bad reactions to fleas may get hot spots, or red, itchy spots on the skin that often appear moist and oozing. Your dog should have at least one vet visit a year and spring is the best time to make sure all of the vaccines are up to date and ensure your dogs health for the warmer months.

You should also clean your dog’s bedding. A mild detergent or some vinegar should be enough to get rid of the fur, dander and bacteria that built up over the colder season. Bedding should be cleaned every three months to kill flea eggs and parasites.

With the warmer months ahead there will be more time spent outside, it’s a good time to check your fencing and make sure that it is safe and secure as well as checking for any hazards that may harm your dog while playing. Your dog may use the holes in fences and get lost or could be injured while trying to escape.

We all tend to be a little less active over winter and our dogs may have added a little weight over the colder months. With warm weather on the way and just like us, our dogs need to slowly start back into an exercise program. Increasing exercise too quickly can result in injuries (just like us). Go slow and everyone will be fit and healthy to enjoy the summer months.

This is the time of year when your dog will start shedding all their winter coat. The best thing that you can do is brush your dog regularly to keep the shedding under control, you may need to invest in a specific brush designed for shedding. Use a brush with soft bristles that massage the skin and helps to loosen up dry skin as well so that the dead hair and dandruff are removed and the coat gets a new, fresh look. To help with grooming, here are a few tips:

  • If your dog’s coat is looking a bit dry, try using a gentle pet conditioner
  • Check to make sure that the ears are clean and have no sign of mites
  • Brush Brush Brush!
  • Nails also need to be clipped. If you aren’t comfortable doing this let your groomer know and they can do it for you.

For dogs with longer or double coats, you should consider opting into a regular grooming program with your local Jim’s Dog Wash franchisee who can help with flea and tick management along with the maintenance of your dog’s healthy coat. To book in with one of our franchisees, please call 0800 454 654 or book online at

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