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Regional Franchisors are the driving force of the Jim’s system.

They are responsible for recruiting, training and supporting Franchisees, which includes finding them work, and providing practical and moral support. They are often ‘hands on’ – usually operating a franchise themselves while building their team of Franchisees.

The majority of Franchisors are successful Jim’s Franchisees, though not always from the same division for which they are granted the Regional Franchise. Some have been recruited from outside, usually with industry or management experience and wanting to put those skills to better use for themselves rather than building a business for someone else.

Franchisors must be able to provide leadership and a strong example of good work ethics, while recognising that Franchisees are customers and not subordinates. It is a demanding role that combines practical ability with a high level of personal and business management skills. The primary focus of a successful Franchisor must be on helping their Franchisees to succeed.

Most Regional Franchisors have done well, finding a business that combines financial rewards with lifestyle and personal satisfaction.
Franchisors generate income in a number of ways:

  1. Running a franchise of their own, either hands on, or project managing a number of staff and vehicles
  2. Franchise sales (franchisors keep 80% of new franchise sales within the region)
  3. Franchise fees (ongoing monthly franchise fees, paid by the franchisees to the franchisor)

We strongly advise anyone interested to talk to current Franchisors, a list of who can be found on this site.
If you’re interested in being part of a $4.2 billion dollar (and growing) industry, be part of a brand that is already known by 96% of adult New Zealander’s, you have a love for dogs, and believe you have the skills to build and mentor a team of enthusiastic business owners contact 0800 454 654 or click here to send an email.

Region Description  
Wellington Region

Jim’s Dog Wash has an exciting opportunity in New Zealand with the sale of the Wellington Region due to the overwhelming response from potential franchisees so the existing franchisor can focus on just one region.

Pet ownership in New Zealand is the second highest in the world with more than 28% of households owning a dog. It is estimated that there are 700,000 dogs in New Zealand (many of them unregistered, so not showing in the council data bases) and many owners who are keen to have their dogs cared for in their own home. Cat ownership is significantly higher and a potentially huge source of work for our franchisees.

New Zealand is very short of Pet groomers and more and more, we find the need for pet grooming services, particularly mobile services, is growing rapidly. People wanting to get into the pet industry remains high also, and at our first info night in Auckland we had over 300 enquiries about our franchise sales!

A little about the region:

Wellington – covering Wellington Region, Manawatu/Whanganui, Taranaki and Hawkes Bay
Population: 954,774
Est dogs: 164,010

While the region is currently empty, the potential is impressive and our lack of time to commit to the lower regions is a great opportunity for someone to forge the way in these areas.


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