Stopping The Itch

Stopping The Itch

November 4, 2021

Apart from fleas, one of the most common causes of itchy skin for your pooch is generally related to coat maintenance.

Grooming is your first defense against persistent itching.

Most times the itch is caused by pollens, dirt, matts and dander that stay on your dog’s coat. If left long enough they can start to irritate your dog’s skin, causing your dog to chew and bite at the irritation.

The best way to manage the itch is to brush your dog on a daily basis. Brushing your dog just once a day will help prevent the build-up that can lead to itching problems.

Not only will this prevent a bout of the scratches, your dog will love the time spent with their favourite person.

Bathing your dog is an excellent way to prevent your dog from developing an itching problems as well, but over washing your dog can have the opposite affect. Too much water and shampoo can strip your pup of the oils that are naturally found on the their skin. When these natural oils are stripped away the dog’s skin dries out and becomes more prone to infections.

Dry skin in dogs can be just as painful and itchy as it is to a human with a similar condition, and dogs cannot rub lotion on themselves!

If, despite your best efforts, your dog continues to scratch you should consult your Vet.

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