How Often Should Your Wash Your Dog?

How Often Should Your Wash Your Dog?

May 12, 2021

Dogs get dirty and smelly, how quickly that happens depends on their lifestyles. Just like us, different breeds are less into outdoor activities than others. For some dogs though, muddy puddles and a dirt bath are just too inviting!

When To Bathe Your Dog

There is no exact number of times that a dog needs to be washed, but at the minimum it really should be at least every two months.

Baths are more for the benefit of their parents than the dogs themselves, especially for inside dogs. If your pooch is allowed on the furniture or on the beds, a clean and fresh smelling dog is much easier to live with!

For people with allergies, a dog’s dander or the outside allergens brought inside on your dog’s coat can cause reactions and will mean more frequent washing for your own health.

If your dog has a healthy coat and normal skin, bathing once a month is normally sufficient.

Can You Wash Your Dog Too Often?

There’s nothing wrong with washing a dog more often, but if too many oils are removed it can result in a dull coat and itchy skin. If you do need to bath your dog more often, make sure that you are using gentle, moisturising shampoos and conditioners that can help replenish your dog’s natural moisture.

If your dog has any kind of skin condition, your vet will recommend to wash your dog more or less frequently but for the most part it comes down to lifestyle.

How Fur Types Affect How Often Your Should Wash Your Dog

Dogs with oily coasts, such as Basset Hounds should be washed every week, while dogs with repellent coats like Golden Retrievers can be washed less often. Dogs with thick or double coats, like Malamutes require frequent grooming to minimise the shedding.

Long and curly haired breeds require more regular grooming and maintenance to keep their coats from matting. They should be washed at least every four to six weeks.

When Should Puppies Be Washed

Introducing a regular grooming routine early will help your pup see the grooming process as something pleasurable rather than occasional torture.

You should start washing them from when you bring them home and there are many puppy specific shampoos and conditioners available to keep their coats clean without removing all of the natural oils that they need to keep healthy.

Why Do You Need To Wash Your Dog

Aside from the keeping your dog clean and removing unwanted smells, washing and grooming your dog will give you a chance to check them over for strange lumps, fleas and ticks.

How To Bath Your Dog

Washing a dog can be sometimes be challenging and if that is the case, you can use a professional dog groomer. Jim’s Dog Wash franchisees come to your home, keeping your dog in a safe environment where they aren’t too far from you.

If you would like to undertake the task yourself, there are a few things that you should remember:

  • Never use “people” shampoos or conditioners as dogs have delicate skin and shampoos not designed for dogs can cause skin irritations
  • Ensure that your dog is restrained safely to stop them sliding around in the bath or potentially jumping out and injuring themselves
  • Make sure that you completely dry your dog afterwards. Leaving your dog damp can allow fungus to grow, causing infections, hot spots. Drying completely will also mean that your dog smells nicer for longer.

If you still aren’t sure, speak to your local Jim’s Dog Wash professional who will be able to give you guidance and assistance.



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