Green Poop – Should You Be Worried?

Green Poop – Should You Be Worried?

May 3, 2021

Green poop is definitely something you shouldn’t ignore. Most times it’s not a cause for concern but it might also be a sign that there’s something wrong with your dog’s health.

Generally, the cause of green dog poop is simply that your dog has eaten too much grass, plant material or even a large amount of Greenies Treats and of course there are the other usual culprits, crayons, paint and pencils.
If you aren’t sure that your dog has eaten something innocent, then you should see a vet as the green pigment can also be due to your dog eating toxins, in particular rat poison.

If you’re sure that your dog hasn’t ingested anything, the green poop could indicate a more serious health problem.
Compromised adsorption of the intestinal tract can cause green poop. If the bile is not being absorbed sufficiently it can pass through the intestines and make it look green.
If the poop has changed in its shape or if there is mucous, then potentially, it could be caused by the bile not being absorbed in the intestines. If the poop looks normal, then likely its just something green passing through your dog’s intestines.

Giardia infection can also cause a greenish poop. This is usually accompanied by weight loss and a soft watery stool.
The best thing to do is to check in with your vet. Bring a stool sample with you, so that your vet can test it. If it is poison then it’s important to act quickly to improve the chance of your dog recovering.

Even if it’s just that your dog has been eating grass, other complications can also occur. Eating large amounts of grass can cause an upset tummy or even a bowel obstruction.

The best way to keep your pooch healthy and safe is to:
• Feed your dog a consistent diet – It will make it easier to detect changes
• Limit human food – Human food can affect dogs and upset their stomachs or cause allergies
• Prevent Rubbish Eating – This will allow you to keep a better control of their diet
• Know What’s In Your Garden – Mushrooms and many different kinds of plants can make your dog sick
• Keep Medicines, Cleaning Products or Pest Control Products out of reach

Any sudden changes in your dogs stool are a cause for concern and should be followed up with your vet.

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