Does Your Dog Eat Grass – Should You Be Concerned?

Does Your Dog Eat Grass – Should You Be Concerned?

September 30, 2020

There are many reasons why dogs eat grass, it could be that they need extra fibre, they feel unwell and want to vomit, or maybe just because they are bored!

Eating grass isn’t bad for your dog and some actually like the taste and it isn’t a sign of your dog being unwell, but there are a few things to look out for:

Getting Roughage

Grass contains dietary fibre and helps to simulate dog’s intestinal tracts. If you aren’t feeding your dog a premium diet, you may find that they are eating grass to fill the void in the nutrition.

You may need to look at alternative sources of nutrients or switch to a premium diet high in roughage, such as wheat bran or sesame seeds. You can also sprinkle extra fibre on their normal food. Vegetables are also a great option, pumpkin and green beans are the most common types.

Vomit Time

Not all dogs vomit from eating grass, but some dogs eat it to try to relieve an upset stomach. The grass helps induce vomiting, thus getting rid of whatever is bothering them.

If your dog eats grass, vomits and seems fine there isn’t any reason to be concerned. They have probably fixed whatever was bothering them. If they keep eating grass and vomiting and it isn’t normal behaviour then a trip to the vet


Dogs eat grass (amongst other things) if they are bored or maybe they just like it. This in itself isn’t a problem but you do need to keep a careful eye on fertilisers and pesticides that you use on your grass. You should check your lawn care products to make sure that they are safe for pets.

You might want to look at an extra walk or some toys to distract them from the behaviour if you feel it is a problem.

As with anything, if there is a sudden change in your dog’s behaviour you should always check in with the vet just to make sure.

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