Five Quick Tips For Spring Time Grooming

Five Quick Tips For Spring Time Grooming

September 1, 2020

With the arrival of spring, you will probably start noticing piles of dog hair on your clothes, floor and furniture.

During winter, our dogs grow heavier coats to keep them warm, but when spring arrives their coats start shedding and depending on the breed, matting can also start.

The condition of your dog’s coat is an indicator of the overall health so here are our 5 quick tips to help you look after their coats as the season changes:

Bath Time

The process of bathing and drying with a force dryer will help loosen the hair and remove a lot of the excess so it’s not all over your house! A shampoo and conditioning treatment followed by a proper drying will really loosen a great deal of hair.

Bathing can also remove pollen or other allergens from the skin which are active during spring. This will result in better health for you and your pooch!

Trim Time

A good hair cut keeps the coat soft, gets rid of tangles and damaged hair and gets your dog ready for the warmer months ahead. Your dog will be more comfortable and the coat will be far easier to manage when it’s short


Regular brushing results in less shedding but also helps spread the natural oils through the coat, keeping it healthy. While brushing is great for removing the dead coat, it also keeps circulation in the outer skin, promoting better health.

Because dirt can get embedded beneath mats and cause pain for your dog, you should be brushing or combing daily. If you leave it too long between brushing, the process becomes painful and your dog may become too sensitive (either because of the pain or because they aren’t used to the process) and may growl or just wiggle around too much, making your job more difficult.

Sun Protection

With a shorter coat, your dog needs to be protected from the sun just like you. Use a pet friendly sun screen and make sure you provide lots of shade for your pooch when you aren’t home

Other Bits

While the coat is a very big part of your dog’s health, don’t forget the other bits! Don’t forget to trim the nails, check the ears and eyes!

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