Disgusting Things Your Dog Does (And Why)

Disgusting Things Your Dog Does (And Why)

June 13, 2020

We love our dogs, but sometimes it’s worth remembering where their mouths have been before you accept your next kiss!

Here is our top list of disgusting behaviours and why:

Toilet Time

Considering our pooches love cat litter and vomit, drinking from the toilet bowl is probably the least disgusting thing they can do. The water in the toilet is fresh, cool and available and the chances of your dog getting sick is pretty slim. Try cleaning and refilling the water bowl more often and keep your toilet lid closed to discourage this behaviour.

Private Parts

Even though it’s a pretty gross behaviour, it’s a good grooming practice that keeps everything clean. If you notice it happening excessively, it might indicate a problem such as a urinary tract infection, which needs vet treatment

Stinking It Up

According to your dog, there is no better cologne than freshly laid cow manure! We think maybe wild ancestors are to blame for this lovely habit, although no one is really sure. Some people think it’s to mask their scent, but others think it’s just part of the fun of being a dog and getting to roll in whatever smelly stuff they can find.

Social Skills

Sniffing other dog’s privates is a just your pooch being sociable, a little like a handshake in the human world! Dog’s noses can sniff out all sorts of important information that help them interact with each other and to understand how to react to others.

Vomit Worthy

There is nothing more barf inducing than seeing your dog eat their own (or another dog’s) vomit. Vomit smells like food, so why wouldn’t you want to eat it again, right? To your dog it just smells like food. Be assured, that it won’t hurt them but if you really want to stop it, try teaching your dog the “leave it” command.

Wounds Heal

There are thoughts that the dog’s saliva contains compounds that aid in healing and can also provide some pain relief, but too much licking can cause problems. Excessive licking can indicate an underlying problem or can cause hot spots

Cat Poop

Dog’s cannot resist the kitty litter buffet. If the cat is immunised and not carrying any diseases, aside for the gross factor, it’s not really harmful to your dog. No one actually knows why they like cat poop, but possibly your dog’s super sensitive snout can sniff out the food content and thinks it’s a meal

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