Bad Doggy Breath?

Bad Doggy Breath?

November 9, 2019

Your dog might think that you appreciate slobbery kisses, but if their breath is bad then getting close is probably the last thing that you want to do!

Some dogs will eat anything and this can lead to bad breath. If your dog is regularly eating your garbage, is eating animal remains or is getting into the kitty litter, this unsupervised snacking can be the cause, but generally the most common cause of bad breath is bad oral hygiene and tooth disease.


If your dog is not a chewer and you do not regularly brush, over time the plaque will build up and lead to serious gum and teeth disease.

Just like humans, the build up of plaque can lead to bad bacteria that cause bad breath. Too much plaque can push the gums away from the teeth exposing new areas for the bacteria to build up.

Dogs teeth should be brushed at least once a week to prevent build up of plaque and bacteria.


Dental Sprays can reduce plaque and freshen breath and can be used as a supplement or replacement to tooth brushing.


Dental chews can help, but remember not all dental chews are great for your dog. Look for ones that contain chlorophyll, cinnamon and cloves.


Fresh wheatgrass is an excellent source of chlorophyll and is a brilliant remedy for bad breath, coconut oil has the added benefits of boosting the digestive and immune systems, it helps to combat bad breath. Put a teaspoon over your dog’s food every day. You can even brush your dog’s teeth with it.

Neem is an extract from the Neem tree and has many positive effects on dogs and their humans. It’s also great for the skin and coat, as well as being excellent for oral health.

Cinnamon sprinkled on your dog’s food will help them to have sweet smelling breath


If your dog has a sweet or fruity smell, it could mean that this is a symptom of diabetes. Look out for other symptoms like more frequent drinking and urination. Other issues to look out for is if there is a yellow tinge to the gums, this may mean that your pooch has liver issues and you should get to the Vet to check as soon as possible.

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