Common Mistakes That Shorten Our Dog’s Life

Common Mistakes That Shorten Our Dog’s Life

August 4, 2019

We love our dogs and want them to live a long and happy lives but unfortunately many of us unwittingly shortening our beloved pooches’ life. Here are a five common mistakes:

Feeding Improperly

Many of us like to give our dogs the food that they like best, but your dog’s health depends on a complete diet with all of the nutrients and less calories.

Be selective about ingredients and make sure you read the package carefully and check the calories as overfeeding is one of the biggest causes of ill health in our pooches. Food should not contain colouring agents or Genetically Modified Organisms.

Your dog’s digestive system isn’t set up for people food and though it’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes, you are doing your dog a favour by not treating them with your food.

Being inconsistent with training

Consistency will make your dog feel more secure. If you say no to table scraps, but give them some occasionally, it will derail all of your efforts and confuse your dog.

Every dog needs basic training and socialisation, without it you will limit the amount of enjoyment that you have with your pet, they can become easily frightened and react in ways that aren’t appropriate in public.

Forgetting Important Care

Bathing your dog regularly will give you the opportunity to check for lumps or growths, it’s also a necessity to keep them clean and healthy. Dogs that need grooming, should be groomed regular to save them the discomfort of having knots.

Different breeds have different grooming requirements, but all dogs should be brushed regularly. This will ensure that their skin and fur are healthy and free of knots.

Larger dogs that get a lot of exercise on footpaths may wear their nails down naturally, but will still need to be trimmed on occasion. Smaller dogs should be cut regularly otherwise they can rip your skin and furniture as well as causing pain and injury to your dog.

When To Visit The Vet

Don’t put it off, you are your dog’s first and last line of defence. A lot of dog owners skip routine visits unless there is something going on with their dog to avoid the cost and inconvenience.

Dogs will hide illnesses until it becomes unbearable. Treating it then will be far worse. It’s better to have regular check ups as the vet knows what to look for and may be able to pick up things before they become a big problem.

Not Exercising Enough

Exercise is a basic need for every dog. Lack of exercise can lead to health and behavioural problems. Some dogs need more exercise than others, make sure you are providing enough for the breed that you have.

Dogs should have enough time to get outside, they can become overweight as well as showing bad behaviour like chewing up your shoes and digging holes.

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