What Are The Signs That Your Dog Loves You?

What Are The Signs That Your Dog Loves You?

April 1, 2019

Everyone know that dogs make extremely loyal and intelligent companions, but do they love us back? The short answer is YES! Dogs express emotions too, they just show it in some weird ways.

Here are a few signs to look out for to see if you and your best mate are truly bonded.

Your Dog Makes Eye Contact

In the human world, it’s polite to make eye contact, but in the dog world it’s actually rude or even aggressive. If you met someone that made you feel unsafe, angry or threatened would you stare into their eyes? The same applies with dogs, they only stare into the eyes of their favourite humans and it means that your dog is happy and comfortable with you

Your Dog Wants To Stay Close To You

If your dog wants to sit on your lap, your feet, your chest or leans on you it’s a pretty clear sign of their adoration. Dogs are sociable pack animals and if they want to follow you around, then it’s another clear sign that they love you. Never mind that privacy in the bathroom is a thing of the past, your dog is just showing how he respects and loves you!

A dog jumping on you is generally not your favourite behaviour but it’s a great indicator that your dog loves you and wants to be close to you. It can be annoying sometimes and it’s tempting to punish your dog every time they jump on you but try rewarding your dog for not jumping on you instead. This makes far more sense when you know they only do it because they love you.

Your Dog Wags Their Tail

Tail wagging, on the face of it might sound like a no-brainer, but there is a little more involved in a tail wag, which can have many different meanings – that aren’t necessarily friendly! A full body wag, along with other positive body signs gives you a pretty clear message that your dog loves you back.

Your Dog Turns Their Back On You

Dogs are pack animals and in the wild, it could be dangerous to turn their backs on a potential threat or something that posed danger. If your dog is comfortable turning their back on you or even sticks it’s butt in your face (while not always appropriate) you know that you have a happy, well adjusted dog that loves and trusts you.

Your Dog Stretches Towards You

The last sign is something that not all pet owners may now. If you have seen your dog stretch in front of you (kind of like a bow), it may not be that they’re just stretching after a snooze, it’s more often than not a “greeting stretch” demonstrating that your dog is saying “I love you and I am happy to see you”

Your Dog Likes To Eat Your Shoes And/Or Socks

If your dog loves you, then they will also love your scent. Scientists have proven that the scent of a dog’s owner triggers the part of their brain that is associated with the reward centre. So if your dog is continually chewing on your shoes, it’s a sure sign that they love you very much!

Your Dog Yawns When You Do

Yawning in contagious, but it’s not limited to humans only. Dogs have been bred to read humans and if your pooch yawns when you do, its showing their canine empathy. There is no clear research on why dogs “catch” our yawns but it’s nice to think they’re doing it because there is a strong bond between you and your dog.

Your Dog Brings You Their Favourite Toy

Your dog will often bring you their toys in order for you to play with them, but that isn’t all. Giving you their favourite toy is a sign of affection. When a dog brings you their favourite ball or toy, it means they see you as the pack leader and thinks you’ll like their toy as much as they do.

Your Dog Lays On You After A Meal

We all know dogs are motivated by food, but if they cuddle you once the food is all gone it’s a very good sign that they really do love you!

You Love Your Dog

A dog can sense when you love them! If you don’t love your dog, then you won’t be getting it back in return!

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