How To Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

How To Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

June 12, 2018

Shiny coats are a sign of good nutrition, proper maintenance and an indication of the dog’s overall health. If you want your dog’s coat to really shine, then diet is the first place to look.

In the wild, dogs eat a variety of food that consists mostly of raw meat, raw bones, organs, other tissues as well as undigested vegetable matter, so it’s not surprising that meat alone won’t provide everything that your dog needs.

On top of that, dog’s dietary requirements change depending on the stage of their life and activity level. A growing puppy needs high levels of protein, to develop strong bones and muscles, whereas too much protein for an older dog can over work the kidneys and shorten their life.

The best way to make sure that your dog has a great coat is to provide everything a dog needs in their diet. Low quality foods or homemade diets often aren’t properly balanced to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutrients for a healthy and shiny coat. Healthy fats are important when it comes to keeping the coat in it’s best condition. Most good quality foods contain omega-3 and pet stories also sell supplements which can also help with skin disorders. Itchy skin can be reduced, due to the anti-inflammatory effects of omega fatty acids.

Your local Jim’s Dog Wash groomer can help you to establish a regular bathing and grooming routine. This will improve the oxygen supply to your dog’s skin, remove old hair and allow oils in the skin to be passed over the dog’s coat, keeping it healthy. Your groomer will also check for parasites, which can cause dry skin or more serious issues.

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