Dog Clipping & Grooming

Jim’s Dog Wash Hydrobath and Clip Service:

  • Pre Wash Brush – this helps loosen and release stubborn in ground dirt prior to clipping and helps your dog to become comfortable with your Jims Dog Wash Mobile Groomer
  • Warm, Freshwater Hydrobath Shampoo and Rinse – Clears and cleans your dogs coat and skin. We use and can recommend the correct hygiene products for your dog including specialised shampoos and colognes to make sure they come out squeaky clean and smelling fresh
  • Eyes and Ears – gently cleaned and care taken on those sensitive areas
  • Towel Dry – to remove bulk of water from the coat
  • Full Body Blow Dry – to remove any excess water away from your dogs body and out of the coat
  • Clip of Coat – specific to your request or dogs breed requirements
  • Nails Trimmed – to protect against tearing and pad damage
  • After Bath Cologne – we all like to smell as good as we feel after a nice bath!
  • Yummy Doggy Treat – to complete the experience and reward your dog for a job well done!

Other services that Your Jim’s Dog Wash Mobile Dog Groomer can offer may include:

  • Coat tidy ups – not quite a Full Groom or Clip but more than just a Dog Wash
  • Coat Strip out – removes excess under coat to help keep the coat clean and healthy
  • Flea and Tick treatments – ask your Mobile Dog Groomer about individual treatments required for your dog

Be sure to discuss with your Jim’s Dog Wash Groomer other services available.

For a great service call Jim’s Dog Wash today on 0800 454 654 or click BOOK A DOG WASH to arrange for a Jim’s Dog Wash Mobile Groomer to get in touch with you.