Mobile Dog Washing

How often you have your dog washed and groomed will depend on a number of factors:

  1. The breed of dog
  2. The type and length of the coat
  3. Whether the dog is an indoor or outdoor dog.

If the dog has a skin problem, allergies or a coat problem, it will also affect the frequency of grooming.
Whilst your dog’s coat may look clean, the accumulation of dead hair and dust can lead to skin irritation.
Generally 4 – 6 weeks is recommended to maintain a good coat. This is the same for short haired breeds too, as it is important to keep on top of shedding.

The idea is to ‘maintain’ the coat, not wait until it is overgrown, matted and uncomfortable for the dog.

Pre-booking your dog’s next appointment is strongly recommended to avoid having to wait for an available appointment when the dog needs it ‘now’!

Its recommended that you should get your dog accustomed to being groomed as soon as possible.

Normally from the time your puppy has been vaccinated is safe. Having its ears cleaned, nails clipped and generally getting accustomed to the noises of being groomed is an important step in your dogs enjoyment of being groomed.

We advise that its a good idea when playing with your dog that you simulate some the actions your dog groomer may do whilst the dog is being groomed.

By this we mean play with the dogs ears, touch its feet, check its nails, toe by toe and even check in its mouth by holding its jaw and opening its mouth to check its teeth.

By practicing these actions your dog will become more comfortable with this being done and feel that it is normal which in turn will help make its grooming experience a much more enjoyable event. Your Vet will thank you for it too!

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